Saturday, 18 January 2020

Trump Impeachment Attorney: Democrats Are Going to Have a Hard Time Getting 67 Votes on Articles of Impeachment So Weak They Don’t Even Include a Crime (VIDEO)

Jordan Sekulow, a member of President Trump’s legal team, joined FOX and Friends on Friday morning to discuss the next steps by the Trump team in the impeachment process. 
Sekulow told Steve Doocy the Trump team will file their “answer” a shorter document, but still very significant, on Saturday.
Then the Trump legal team will file their brief on Sunday or Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.
Sekulow added, “When you file both of those, the brief and the answer, what you’ll see is a very substantive defense of President Trump and of the Office of the President, his Article 2 Powers for future presidents… I will say House Republicans did about as good of job as they could under the rules which were completely partisanly controlled by the Democrats. This time around both sides are going to get the same amount of time, the House Managers and us, to make their case. I think they have a very up hill battle to get 67 senators to come on board with these two weak articles of impeachment that are so partisan they don’t even include a criminal charge… I do believe if they go in there and play their partisan politics to the US Senate sitting as a jury, that is going to backfire. And if you’re Susan Collins, Senator Gardner and Senator Mukowsky and you’re saying, “Wait they’re coming here to attack me too? I’m somehow on trial?” They’re not going to put up with this… This is pure politics, but we’re ready to mount a full defense of the President, the Constitution and we’re ready for actual due process to present.
Via FOX and Friends:

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