Tuesday, 28 January 2020

“You Did a Good Job on Her!” – President Trump Praises Mike Pompeo After His Shouting Match with NPR Hack (VIDEO)

Last week Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down with NPR hack Marie Louise Kelly. 
When the interview was over Pompeo took Kelly to a side room and, reportedly, shouted at her in an expletive-laced exchange. Pompeo said Kelly could not even point to Ukraine on a map.
Secretary of State Pompeo later accused Kelly of lying to him, twice, about their interview, before they sat down, and after the interview was over. And the State Department later removed Kelly from the State Department press pool.
On Tuesday President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a historic peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. The agreement defines Israel and Palestine with definite borders. The plan includes a tunnel connecting the West Bank and Gaza.
During the press conference Trump introduced Secretary of State Pompeo who received a raucous standing ovation!
President Trump praised Pompeo over his handling of Marie Louise Kelly, “You did a good job on her!”

Trump takes no crap from the liberal media.

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