Friday, 21 February 2020

Dem ex-Rep. Katie Hill says 'rampant biphobia' was a 'huge part' of why she resigned

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-Calif) claimed this week that "rampant biphobia" played a significant role in her decision to step down from Congress, because of the backlash she received after nude photos of her were leaked online amid rumors of her sleeping with subordinates.

Hill resigned in October after the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into allegations that the California Democrat had a sexual relationship with a male legislative aide. She admitted at the time to previously having an "inappropriate" relationship with a female campaign staffer prior to being elected.

What are the details?

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos asked Hill in an exclusive interview that aired Thursday whether she regretted her decision to leave office. "I strongly feel that I made the right call in stepping down for several reasons," the former lawmaker replied. "One of which is that I did not want to be a liability to my colleagues."
Hill explained, "We knew from the people who had ... obtained the [explicit] photos that there were hundreds more images and text messages that were out there that I had no idea what they could be."
Stephanopoulos then noted that the scandal surrounding Hill "exploded" and asked the former congresswoman, "How much of it is tied to the fact, in your mind, that you're bisexual?"
"I think a lot of it is, and it's also partly because I'm a woman," Hill responded, claiming, "The bisexuality is a huge part of it."
Hill went on to reason, "There's biphobia that is rampant, still, and certainly misunderstanding of what bisexuality is."

Anything else?

When Hill resigned during her freshman year in office, she used her farewell speech to blame "right-wing media" and "misogynistic culture" for her downfall.
Yet Hill was being investigated for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a congressional aide, which is a violation of a House ethics rule aimed at protecting subordinates from members who might use their power to take advantage of staffers. The rule was implemented in reaction to the #MeToo movement.

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