Sunday, 2 February 2020

Iowa sex offender's release from prison over gender change is the climax of liberal perversion

We deserve it for the cultural decadence and chaos we not only regularly allow to go unchallenged, but actually welcome into our midst under the banner of science or freedom.

Here in Iowa — one of the first states in the nation to fall for the "how is my gay marriage going to impact you" nonsense — that has never been more clear as the countdown to the first-in-the-nation caucus for the Democratic presidential nomination nears zero hour.
Because of how that court-issued bending of God's design for men and women back in 2009 has throttled into malevolent overdrive since, it has now been put on display in almost perfectly providential proportions. It's as if the coming vote is being confronted in real time by its own brutal Frankenstein monster.

It was reported Wednesday that a 23-year-old serial sex abuser of as many as 15 children under the age of 13 was being let out of an Iowa prison because he feels pretty now.
How is my gay marriage going to impact you, indeed.
The "logic" goes, according to Iowa attorney general spokesman Lynn Hicks, that reducing the man's testosterone levels means he is less of a threat to use his male "sex drive" against children.

Dear Lord. The clear implication here is that it is part of the natural male sex drive to hurt children, and that evil or insanity has nothing to do with it. Because we haven't had a flood of female school teachers having sex with their underage students the past 20 years or something. By the way, the mouthpiece saying this, Lynn Hicks, is, I kid you not, the former editorial page editor for the Des Moines Register that just endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president.
That'll preach. Speaking of preaching, how about we cast this demonic nonsense out and let God have a turn.

A "sex drive" is the natural blessing of holy desire bestowed on men and women for one another as a means of both pleasure and procreation. For those of you in the barbaric Iowa attorney general's office, which has been controlled by the same Democrat for two decades, that last word — procreation — is what happens when a woman becomes pregnant and the baby is allowed to live instead of killing it for personal convenience.
This travesty of justice has nothing to do with sex drives. It has to do with perversion being given ever increasing license in society. Until the mad scientists become the poets of the age, and circus freaks like those from the Persian army in the movie "300" replace Michelangelo's "David" statue as objects of aspiration and beauty.
Romans 1 is here. In living color. Right now.
Because another thing I'm being asked to believe by the woke mob is that gender is fluid enough for a "he" to become a "she" based on mystical multiverse gender whims so powerful, they should be viewed as a human right capable of trumping even the shackles of prison itself. Yet in the very next hellish breath we're being told, in defense of a serial sex abuser of children, that fake gender is so rock solid in its certainty and stability that none of that icky stuff need concern us any longer.
You jackasses can't have it both ways. So is sex biological or isn't it?
Furthermore, if Josie Smith, as the sex offender is now called, is indeed a new creation as a "female," then why does he still have to register as a sex offender at all? If Josie Smith is a new person, and she didn't commit any of those abuses, then what is she under suspicion for?
You jackasses can't have it both ways. So is this he a she now, and a new person or not?
Let's cut to the chase. These ghastly fiends don't care. They just want to destroy a civilization they hold in contempt and if that means replacing it with Sodom and Gomorrah, so be it. To mock God is their greatest desire. To replace Him is their greatest need.
And because of that, the judgement that will ultimately be brought upon them and their cowardly accomplices in a willfully ignorant crowd of lethargic bystanders, will be a just one — dark and terrible as the dawn. May they choke on it, but by all means enjoy their depraved Iowa Caucus vote first.
In the meantime, the rest of us should enjoy the Second Amendment to protect our children.

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