Friday, 7 February 2020

'Profane, angry, rambling!' — CNN panel is absolutely horrified at President Trump's acquittal speech

President Donald Trump issued an hour-long celebratory speech on Thursday after being acquitted of two articles of impeachment, and the commentators on CNN were aghast at his remarks.
"You have been watching the President of the United States with an unscripted, vindictive, at times profane, angry, rambling response to his impeachment acquittal," said host Brianna Keilar.
"The president there for an hour holding what's really been a surreal ceremony there in the East Room in front of his legal team in front of Republican lawmakers, White House staff, his family, a friendly crowd that gave him numerous standing ovations,"said Keilar.
"The president insulting and going after his perceived enemies," she added.
CNN's chief political analyst Gloria Borger also expressed surprise at the tone of the president's remarks.
"You know I, I, this started out with the president coming out into the East Room to ruffles and flourishes, and then immediately turned into an avalanche of grievances against everybody. It was vindictive, as you pointed out, it was full of revenge, it was mean-spirited, it was poisonous, it was spiteful," Borger said.
"And it gave you a real look into the way he views the world, which is the bad and evil people, as he spoke about, those are his words, who dared oppose him, versus the people who stuck with him. And he had names for everyone who opposed him, um, they were vicious," she continued.
"It was quite a remarkable view into the president's psyche," Borger concluded.
Borger went on to compare the president to former President Bill Clinton, who apologized in a speech after he was acquitted of impeachment charges.

Here's the video of the comments:

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