Wednesday, 19 February 2020

REPORT: Hollywood Execs Secretly Support Bloomberg, Fear Bernie Sanders

Fearing that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will clinch the nomination and plunge the Democrats into disarray, Hollywood executives have expressed joy over the rise of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
In a lengthy report written by TheWrap, about a dozen Hollywood executives, few of which were willing to go on the record, said they back Bloomberg and are happy to see a business-minded billionaire ascend the Democratic Party ranks.
“Of course people are relieved to have the option of Bloomberg,” one former studio chief told the outlet. “I would not want to have to vote for Trump.”
“If I had a wand and I could pick the nominee — it would be Bloomberg. It’s a no brainer,” said a Democratic donor. “He’ll be beholden to no one.”
Other executives believed that Bloomberg would be the best candidate to stand up to Trump in a debate and on Twitter, fearing that the other candidates would fold under the pressure.
“Bloomberg is particularly appealing to those entertainment insiders with roots in New York,” reported TheWrap. “Those people have almost a visceral dislike of Trump, while crediting Bloomberg with accomplishing important things when he was mayor from 2002 to 2013.”
“Many Hollywood Democrats, like party members nationwide, have an ‘anyone but Trump’ position,” continued the report. “They support their individual candidates but are mostly focused on defeating the former reality show star in the White House. One mid-level studio executive said she had attended a Bloomberg informational event, which was notable to her because unlike other Democratic candidates coming through L.A. he was not raising money. She said she went to see what he’s all about because ‘we need someone who can beat Trump’ and Bloomberg seemed like the guy who could do it.”
Ross Gerber, an L.A.-based investor, said that people are overall relieved to see Bloomberg get in the running and was impressed by his outreach efforts.
“I’ve been really impressed lately in the quality and reach of Bloomberg’s social and transition media ads,” said Gerber. “He seems to get what he needs to do to get voters behind him. People are super happy to have a non-socialist who is business-friendly running for the Democrats. ”
“Bloomberg is crucial to beating Trump as Bernie will NOT get the votes to beat Trump,” Gerber later added. “I think Bloomberg is the best bet to unify the Democrats under a leader that can win and be great for America.”
Hollywood elites backing Mike Bloomberg over the other candidates will do little to help the party in the general election, given that Bernie Sanders’ base has expressed an open antipathy toward billionaires “buying” the election. Progressive documentary filmmaker Michael Moore already said as much the moment the DNC changed the rules so that Bloomberg could participate in the presidential debates.
“He doesn’t have to show he has any support amongst the American people,” Moore recently said. “He can just buy his way onto the debate stage, and I got to tell you what is so disgusting about this. I watched the debate in Iowa two weeks ago — the all white debate. And the fact that the DNC will not allow Cory Booker on that stage. Will not allow Julian Castro on that stage. But they are going to allow Mike Bloomberg on that stage because he’s got a billion f***ing dollars.”

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