Thursday, 12 March 2020

Biden Herded into Car After Nonsensical 'Sanders Is Joining Trump' Statement

A worrying moment was recorded between reporters and presidential candidate Joe Biden as the former vice president gave a seemingly nonsensical answer to an easy question.
The footage was recorded shortly after Biden infamously engaged an autoworker in a heated exchange on Tuesday.
Reporters flocked to Biden as he made his way to a waiting motorcade, peppering the 77-year-old with questions on topics like the novel coronavirus and winning over voters who don’t agree with him.
One journalist finally got out a full question as the former vice president turned to him.
Bringing up the vulgar exchange with the autoworker, the reporter asked Biden, “do you have regrets about how you handled it?”
“Well, I’m surprised that, uh, Sanders is joining Trump,” Biden said with a straight face.
“And, you know, it’s just surprising,” he continued as his campaign team ushered him into a waiting SUV and quickly slammed the door shut.
Watch the full clip below:
Although this answer was painted as a “pivot,” it’s clear that the head-scratching statement came out of nowhere.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, still fighting a race against Biden that appears bleaker by the day, is far from teaming up with President Donald Trump. By all measurements, the avowed socialist Sanders is the polar opposite of real-estate mogul and fiery conservative Trump.
While this latest “gaffe” could be the result of the stresses of the campaign trail, it follows numerous calls for Biden’s mental health to be evaluated.
Former Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein said Biden’s actions, and those of the team surrounding him, raise some major red flags about the former vice president’s health.
Those who have had interactions with the Democratic candidate paint an even grimmer picture.
The autoworker Biden engaged over the topic of guns said the former vice president “kind of just went off the deep end,” despite the blue-collar worker’s calm demeanor.
Regardless of Biden’s mental state, his interactions with common people do not give him a very presidential image.

If this is the position he’s convincing America to give him, he is doing a horrible job so far.

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