Wednesday, 11 March 2020

“Close Down Theme Parks” – Amid Coronavirus Panic In Florida, Paramedic and State Attorney Candidate Calls for Park Closings

Kevin Morenski, a defense attorney with degrees from Florida State University and Columbia School of Law, issued a statement late Tuesday night after Florida Governor Ron DeSanstis issued a State of Emergency amid spreading Coronavirus fears.

Morenski was the first candidate to announce against  Aramis Ayala, the current Democrat incumbent and state attorney for Orange-Osceola who later decided not to seek another term. She fought against applying the death penalty and accepted financial help from Soros’ organizations during her campaign. He is the sole GOP candidate.

Certified as a paramedic in both Florida and New York, Morenski is urging Floridians to call for an immediate shutdown of all theme parks, which attract millions of people a year to Central Florida, people who Morenski worries will then infect the very constituents he hopes to represent.

Central Florida is the tourist capital of the United States, making it very problematic if local leaders are not taking hard-line stances to combat the spread of Coronavirus. Shutting down a medical convention, as they did this week, is a start. What about the other 75 million people that visit the Central Florida area a year, the area which this Gateway Pundit reporter calls home? We have already had a few cases in the region.

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is under self-quarantine and so is Texas Senator Ted Cruz, after they came in contact with the mystery CPAC attendee who was carrying the Coronavirus among 10,000+ registrants.  The number of infected continues to rise within the United States, making this a very serious issue.

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