Sunday, 29 March 2020

Family Sets Up 'Giving Bookshelf' in Yard To Share Supplies During COVID: 'We're Going To Be OK'

Empty shelves at grocery stores and widespread panic buying have become an unfortunate norm as COVID-19 spreads across America.
However, one Arizona family has come up with a creative way to combat selfishness and help neighbors who can’t find necessities.
On March 19, the Logan family in Phoenix set up a “giving bookshelf,” which they stocked with paper products, baby products and nonperishable food items they had left over from an earlier grocery trip. Anyone in need was welcomed to stop by and take something.
The family encouraged those who were inspired by their idea to contribute to the giving bookshelf — or even create their own. However, they didn’t expect that many people would.
“I was expecting everything to just be wiped clean,” said Courtney Logan, according to KNXV-TV.
But to their surprise, they noticed everyone who has taken something has put something back. In fact, more people have given supplies than taken them, forcing them to add a table next to the shelf.
“I didn’t expect that much contribution where I would need to add more storage out in the front yard,” Ray Logan said.
His Facebook post included photos of other people in his neighborhood who have set up giving bookshelves of their own. He said hopes that people across the nation will do the same.
While many have adopted the giving bookshelf idea, people are also transforming their “Little Free Libraries” into “Little Free Pantries” by filling the book cabinets with paper products and nonperishable goods.
The Anderson family from Minnesota stocked the Little Free Library at their elementary school in order to make a positive difference.
“This is an uncertain time,” Shelly Anderson told CNN. “I think being able to provide something to anyone is worth it.”
The Logan family set up their bookshelf because they were upset that people were illogically buying up basic supplies. Ray Logan said he felt that giving back to those around them was a good way to fight the selfishness of the panic buying
“Greed is spreading faster than the virus. Let’s fight it with kindness,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.
“Everyone that bought years worth of supplies, you can redeem yourselves by donating. We’re going to be ok.”
However, the community’s generous response has been encouraging to the family.
“It’s nice to see people still have the right mindset,” Courtney Logan told KNXV.
“We don’t need years’ supplies of stuff,” her husband said. “We just need to get through the month and hopefully we’ll all be OK.”
The Logan family intends to keep the giving bookshelf going for as long as it is needed, but Ray Logan expressed confidence we will get through this pandemic as long as we work together.
“Everything’s going to be fine,” he said. “We just need to help each other.”

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