Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Margot Cleveland Busts Democrat's Narrative About WH Coronavirus Response Wide Open

Margot Cleveland, a law professor and well known commentator for The Federalist, just busted the media and the Democrat’s narrative about Trump’s coronavirus response wide open in a short series of tweets.
As with SpyGate, I began by thinking it was a NothingBurger and Trump was just being Trump, but once I read @DevinNunes memo, I realized the hoax was real and wide-spread. That was my initial reaction too to @realDonaldTrump saying press was pushing coronavirus hoaxes. 1/

2/ Of course the first hoax the press pushed was that Trump said the coronavirus was a hoax. But I still put it down as a shurg. It's a serious crisis and media wouldn't push bad narratives now. WRONG. AGAIN. This time discovery came as researching the question of testing.

3/ The number of false narratives and outright lies is nearly in the double-digits already. And I could write just on that for an entire week. More coming soon. As I've said on Twitter before, I often wondered how Dems and MSM would have handled 9/11 if Trump was President.

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Cleveland really nailed that one.
The media and the Democrats would rather scare the American people about the coronavirus and the Trump administration’s response to it, than tell truth.
They think they can score political points by trying to damage the president and his team but they are hurting average Americans who believe their bullshit.
The American people should immediately tune out the media and the Democrats and get their news from the source.
Watch the daily news conferences from the White House Coronavirus task force to get a real understanding of what is happening, and you’ll immediately see what nasty pieces of work many of the journalists who cover these things really are.
Here’s another prime example of how the media twists things about Trump’s coronavirus response:
THREADETTE: I'm reading House testimony re coronavirus and had NO IDEA how ballsy @realDonaldTrump decision to ban travel from China was! Apparently, the bureaucrats ran academic models on the scenario & those concluded travel should not be banned. Cuccinelli recommended 1/

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2/ ban travel anyway, but told Trump what modeling said. Trump banned travel from China and saved untold number of lives. Tell me any Democrat would have made that call!! Now, how did I discover this? Well in testimony, Rep. Titus had this to say about Trump's lifesaving call:

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Well President Trump is “ballsy,” we do know that. Whether in business or in politics. But he always errs on the side of putting America first and saving American lives.
Cleveland continues:
3/ Rep. Titus then went on to say: "I think it probably was and this Administration has very little respect for anything intellectual. And this is yet another example."

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4/4 This is an epic case of TDS: Rep. Titus condemns Trump for being anti-intellectual for making a better call than an academic model and saving American lives!! UN-FRICKIN'-REAL.

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One of the biggest problems with people like Rep. Titus is everything is politics so they make no sense.
One the one hand Titus says the decision to institute a travel ban with China saved lives and on the other that it was anti-intellectual.
Truth is the so called “experts” are often very wrong, in this case the China travel ban was just common sense.
Thank goodness President Trump is at the helm during this difficult. time and not some wishy-washy politically correct Democrat.

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