Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Transgender Performer Slams ‘Trump-Supporting’ Kanye After His Religious Service Leads To Cancellation Of Trans Show

Transgender juggler Phia Menard and the performer’s fans have expressed outrage over the last-minute cancellation of Menard’s show at the Bouffes du Nord theater in Paris, France to make way for one of Kanye West’s famous “Sunday Service” religious-themed events.
In what AFP describes as a decision prompting “furor” and a “storm” of controversy, just a day ahead of Menard’s performance at the Bouffes du Nord theatre during fashion week, the venue notified the juggler that the show was canceled, citing “technical reasons.”
But, Menard suggested in a defiant statement on social media, the real reason for the cancellation was the theater management’s greed which resulted in them prioritizing West’s religious-themed event.
In a statement on Facebook on Monday, Menard decried both the theater’s managers and West, whom the transgender performer described as a “Trump-supporting rapper.”
“Menard — one of the discoveries of the Avignon festival in 2018 — refused take the news lying down, with her and her fans lambasting the theatre and West as an ‘imposter’ on social media,” AFP reports. “She accused the theatre of lying ‘so they could cash in on a religious ceremony and the money the Donald Trump-supporting rapper’ could pay them, the 49-year-old juggler wrote on Facebook on Monday.”
“I am an artist, a trans woman, the director of a company, and I refuse to accept this denial and contempt,” said Menard, as reported by AFP.
The theater’s management, however, insisted to AFP that the transgender performer’s show was canceled because of the “technical incompatibility” of the two events.
“The 98 people who had bought tickets were contacted and most came to her show the night before while the rest were reimbursed,” the Bouffes du Nord managers told AFP.
AFP notes that West’s equally famous wife Kim Kardashian appeared at the musician’s religious-themed event “in an almost sprayed-on latex brown suit, one of three figure-hugging Balmain looks she wore during the course of the day.” The couple were joined by their daughter, North West, and Kim’s sister Kourtney, who, AFP points out, were also “dressed head-to-toe in latex.”
West has undergone a public transformation in recent years, both politically and religiously. Both shifts have been met with criticism from the Left, but West’s political sentiments have sparked the most intense ire. As Menard’s incensed post references, West has openly expressed support for President Trump and has repeatedly urged minorities to be open-minded about the president and conservative political concepts.
West’s increased religious focus, including his “Religious Service” events and his new faith-themed songs, have continued his string of musical success.
His recent album, “Jesus Is King,” hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts and broke West’s previous online streaming records, as noted by The Christian Post in November. “The 27 minute music release garnered the second-largest sales week of the year for an R&B/Hip-Hop album, with over 100,000 copies sold,” the outlet reported.
“Number one in the country right now, number one in the world right now, Jesus is King,” West said in response to the success of the album. “Number one song, number one album, and they told me I would (inaudible) if I gave my life to Christ, but God is showing out.”

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