Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Employee at Illinois Nursing Home Infects 40 Patients with Coronavirus – At least 24 Dead

Indiana is seeing a surge in cornavirus patients and deaths.
Like numerous other states and countries most of these new cases are in nursing homes.
One employee at the Symphony of Joliet Nursing Home in Illinois who was infected with coronavirus but was asymptomatic infected 40 nursing home patients.
At least 24 of the patients died at the home. 

In Italy 40% of the coronavirus deaths were in nursing homes.
In New York State the law required officials to bring COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes.
43% of New Jersey deaths also involve nursing homes.
43% of NJ deaths involve nursing homes. In my county, 20% of all cases and a whopping 54% of all deaths are from these homes. In my small town we have 17 dead in one of these facilities.

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