Sunday, 26 April 2020

Man Gets Royal Treatment as Only Passenger on Southwest Airlines Flight

When Bob Pitts boarded his Southwest Airlines flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to St. Louis, Missouri, he was last in line to board.
But that didn’t worry Pitts much. He was also the first — and only — passenger to board the flight, according to NBC News.
Pitts documented his unique experience last week in a series of videos that he made available to NBC.
“We’re going on our little flight from Ft. Lauderdale to St. Louis,” Pitts, who chose an aisle seat, said in one of the videos. “It’s about 8:30 and I’m the only person on the plane.”
“It’s a very, very, very unique experience,” he added.

Pitts wore a gray bandanna as a face covering.
He shared one video showing the pre-departure announcement greeting he received from the crew.
“I’m talking to Bob,” a flight attendant said to the pilot.
“Hi Bob,” the pilot said, before Pitts returned the greeting.
During the pre-flight announcement, the flight attendant told him to make sure that “all those carry-on items you brought on board are underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin, leaving the area around your feet clear.”
“Thanks for coming along with us,” the flight attendant said.
“I want to make sure we show you some of this Southwest hospitality. So when you land, you’re going to take out that flip phone your grandma bought you for Christmas. You’re going to call her. You’re going to tell her, ‘This was my best flight ever.’ Welcome aboard, Bob.” 
In another video, Pitts is asked by a flight attendant how is doing
“I’m doing fine. Thank you so much. Doing just perfect. I feel like I’m VIP,” he said.
When asked who he had been talking to moments beforehand, he told the flight attendant, “I’m just making a video. Talking to myself. There’s nobody to talk to.”

Pitts was making the trip to St. Louis for the wake of his mother.

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