Sunday, 12 April 2020

Mom Posts Heartwarming Note for Delivery Drivers on Door as Thank You for Helping Keep 'Daughter Alive'

A Pennsylvania mother has taken a heartwarming measure to recognize America’s delivery drivers for their continued work during the coronavirus pandemic.
Kimberly Bays, from Easton, Pennsylvania, is staying home with her immunocompromised daughter, Emma.
In an Instagram post, Bays wrote that home delivery services are literally keeping Emma alive by bringing life-saving health-related essentials right to the family’s doorstep.

As a gesture of appreciation, Bays taped a photo of Emma to the front door along with an encouraging note to delivery drivers.
“Hi! Thank you for delivering our packages to us,” Bays’ note read. “We have an immunocompromised baby and online deliveries are essential to her health.”
“YOU are helping to keep our daughter ALIVE and well. We are grateful to all who are on the front lines delivering to our family,” she concluded, adding that her family was praying that delivery drivers would stay healthy.

The gesture was a small expression of the magnitude of gratefulness Bays said she was experiencing in light of her daughter’s health situation.
“I feel like this doesn’t even begin to explain how grateful we are to these delivery drivers, train operators, cargo professionals, & truck drivers,” Bays wrote in the caption of her post.
“These amazing individuals really are helping Emma stay ALIVE and well.”
Both FedEx and UPS responded to Bays’ post, expressing that their companies are committed to helping families and children like Emma.
“Thank you House of Bays, and thank you to all of our hardworking UPS employees,” UPS posted on Facebook. “As critical infrastructure, we’re honored and grateful to be able to help people in need.”
FedEx thanked Bays for the kind words in a comment on the Instagram post. 
“We are so proud of our team members who help serve families like yours during this time. Stay safe and healthy,” the company wrote.
Bays knows that her baby girl represents just one of many people who are being kept healthy and safe during a risky time, thanks to drivers willing to show up to work, shift after shift, to keep America running.
“This is in actuality putting just one face to this global crisis,” Bays wrote, encouraging others to find ways to thank the delivery drivers in their local areas.

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