Monday, 13 April 2020

'STOP THE HATE': Ted Cruz unloads on PBS reporter, media for stoking 'racial & ethnic division'

Sen. Ted Cruz has a message for the media: "STOP THE HATE NOW."
The Texas senator unloaded on PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor and the mainstream media on Friday for using the coronavirus outbreak "to stoke racial & ethnic division."
On Friday, Alcindor manufactured fake outrage against Surgeon General Jerome Adams. She reported that comments he made during Friday's coronavirus briefing contained "offensive" language. Three minutes later, she claimed that "many" people found his "language highly offensive." Alcindor then confronted Adams about his remarks, claiming they had incited outrage.
Of course, Adams's comments — in which he advised African America and Hispanic people to avoid high-risk behaviors — never had incited outrage.
"Imagine: you're a professional NPR reporter, you have an opportunity to ask the US Surgeon General a Q—in the midst of a global pandemic w/ over 100k fatalities—and you ask '"many people" are offended by what you call your grandmother.' Seriously, what the hell is wrong w/ MSM?!?" Cruz tweeted.
"Also, the Surgeon General is a highly accomplished African-American physician, and so many white liberals are throwing racial epithets at him that 'Uncle Tom' is trending," he continued. "STOP THE HATE NOW."
"And for all those liberals triggered by 'Abuela,' that's what a whole lot of Hispanics—including me—called our grandmothers. So don't use it as an opportunity to stoke racial & ethnic division, especially in a time of crisis," Cruz said. 

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