Sunday, 10 May 2020

10-Month-Old Gets Heartwarming Celebration from Hospital Staff After Finishing Chemotherapy

As confetti floated through the air, a baby boy and his family celebrated his final chemotherapy treatment in time to go home before his first birthday.
According to KSAZ, young Aaron has been battling a rare form of cancer called acute megakaryoblastic leukemia since he was four months old.
Aaron was a patient at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina, spending much of his babyhood getting to know the doctors and nurses who cared about his recovery.

On April 18, Aaron’s mother Gabby Rodriguez posted a video of her son, 10 months old at the time, walking down the hallway after his final chemo treatment.
“Definitely one of the best days of my lifešŸ§” he is done with chemotherapy,” his mother captioned the video.
As Aaron scooted down the hallway in a baby walker, his medical team tossed bits of confetti into the air, cheering and clapping for the tiny brave fighter.

He was clearly a beloved patient, and now, after six months of treatment, Aaron was a healthy patient too.
Aaron has a 4-year-old brother, Alan, who is thrilled that his baby brother can finally come home, the boys’ mother reported.
While Alan initially could be a bit more hands-on with his brother’s cancer journey, in terms of spending time with him in the hospital, the brothers’ visits changed significantly in light of recent restrictions.
With his brother now home, they can spend time with each other once more.
“But now, he can be more playful at home,” Rodriguez said.
As Aaron and his family settle back into their home life, they have their eyes set on a bright future.
Aaron is preparing to reach his milestone first birthday on May 30, KSAZ reported, with the title of cancer survivor already under his belt.
Seeing the hallway packed with medical staff cheering for Aaron made it evident that while the boy’s earliest months were lived in an atypical way, Aaron’s life was packed with love, hope, and compassion.
Congratulations to baby Aaron, and may you remain healthy and strong!

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