Friday, 22 May 2020

Democrat Governor’s Admin Threatens Officers After State Police Say They Won’t Arrest Lockdown Violators

On Wednesday evening, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency threatened officers who do not enforce Governor J.B. Pritzker’s lockdown orders.
Things are moving at a dizzying pace in Springfield,” reported WCIA anchor Mark Maxwell. “Now, a new threat from [Governor Pritzker] administration to local law enforcement: IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) memo tells local law enforcement their federal funds are at risk if they refuse to enforce his executive order.”
As noted by Illinois Policy, the IEMA memo sent to local law enforcement officials stated that “failure to execute or enforce the [executive order] could be considered noncompliance with the [Public Assistance Program Grant] Agreement condition to comply with all applicable state laws, regulations and policies thus placing the applicant’s funding in jeopardy.”
As noted by The Daily Wire, Illinois State Police (ISP) said in a statement posted Tuesday to social media that they will not arrest or jail any individual in violation of Pritzker’s lockdown order or emergency orders issued Friday, which were rescinded by the Democrat late Wednesday after immense backlash.
Pritzker’s rammed-through “emergency orders” expressly targeted businesses, leveling misdemeanor charges at owners who would defy his edicts with fines up to $2,500 and possible time behind bars.
ISP said Tuesday they will not be arresting or jailing anyone for such “crimes,” though they said they would be issuing some citations in accordance with “state and constitutional law.”
“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois State Police (ISP) continues to focus on community caretaking, educating citizens and businesses and urging voluntary compliance,” the statement from ISP said. “As part of that effort, the ISP will act incrementally to urge compliance of the executive order.”
“Consistent with this community spirit and with state law, policy guidance and discretion,” the statement continued, “the Illinois State Police will not issue any criminal misdemeanors to individuals for violations of temporary emergency rules or executive orders.”
“The Illinois State Police will only apply those emergency rules to entities such as corporations, LLPs or other business entities consistent with state and constitutional law. No individual will be arrested or taken to jail for a violation of the Executive Orders or emergency rules,” said the statement.
“We encourage all citizens to continue to do their part to maintain public health as we move forward in the days ahead with Reopening Illinois,” added the ISP.
However, as reported by The Daily Wire, Pritzker has reversed course.
“Those tools are harsher measures than anybody, including me, is interested in pursuing,” the governor said at a press conference.
“A business that chooses not to follow the rules can recover from a fine,” Pritzker added. “It is much more expensive to be stripped of a license or forced to close.”
As noted by The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti, “It is also likely more expensive for Illinois to enforce such an order, not because of initial cost, but because of potential, subsequent litigation. Officials in other states, including Michigan, are now facing a barrage of lawsuits stemming from administration decisions to revoke business licenses and are defending against claims that such measures are ‘a taking’ and a violation of individuals’ Constitutional rights.”

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