Wednesday, 27 May 2020

WATCH: Man With Cerebral Palsy In Wheelchair Gets Cash From ATM. Then He Gets Robbed.

On Sunday morning in Sydney, Australia, a 42-year-old man with cerebral palsy tried to make a withdrawal from an ATM from his wheelchair as two young men watched him.
The man only had the money for a second before one of the young men grabbed the money from him and the two young men ran off.  The Daily Telegraph reported:
CCTV showed the brazen thieves walk into the ANZ Chinatown branch about 11.45am, and after one tries to pry open locked glass doors blocking access to the main bank area, he sits down on the floor while the other paces back and forth appearing to look at his phone. Shortly afterwards the victim enters the bank and asks his would-be robbers if they were waiting in line before moving to the ATM and withdrawing cash.
7News reported that Julian Stuart, the man who was robbed, stated, “I noticed they were paying quite a lot of attention to me, but by then it was already too late.” He noticed the two men loitering near him and asked them if they intended to use the ATM. He told 9News, “All of a sudden one of them just lunged at me and grabbed the money,” adding, “You don’t expect someone to do that to you.”
Sydney Detective Inspector Dave El-Badawi said, “There’s no words to describe it. Cowards. If you can identify them, don’t protect them. Please contact us.”
9News reported, “Both men allegedly fled the bank and were last seen running north along George Street, NSW Police said. Mr. Stuart was not hurt and was helped by a man and a woman in the moments after the alleged robbery.”
Stuart stated, “Australian people are the most generous people and caring people and I have so many people that help me. I’m born with cerebral palsy and I’ve had a great life and there’s always someone there to lend a hand but unfortunately there’s bad people out there … I’m a disabled pensioner, and life’s a bit of a struggle – you should worry about helping people – not doing that to them.”
Stuart pointed out that he would like not to be helpless, adding, “I’ve got no capability to go here and get a job and being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, I don’t have those opportunities.”
On Monday afternoon, police arrested a 20-year-old man and charged him with stealing. Bail was not given; he will appear at Liverpool Local Court on Wednesday. 9News reported, “Police are still looking for the second man allegedly involved in the robbery and are hoping to speak to the man and woman of Asian appearance who came to the man’s aid, saying they might have valuable information about the incident.”
Video below:

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