Wednesday, 10 June 2020

“Shame on You!… You Have Lost It! You’re a Dinosaur!” – FIREWORKS — Cornel West ERUPTS after Fellow Leftist Calls Him Out on Defunding Police! (VIDEO)

Far left political activist and social critic Cornel West was invited on Hannity on Tuesday to debate fellow leftist Leo Terrell on defunding the police in America. Since the leftist riots and looting started last week across America Leo Terrell was a surprising voice of sanity defending the police and railing at the violent leftist protesters.
During the discussion Cornel West filibustered when asked if he supports defending the police. Leo then attacked West for not answering the question knowing that West, a far left radical, supported the idea of no funding for police.
That’s when all hell broke loose.
Cornel West LOST IT!
Leo Terrel blasted him back: “Shame on you!… You have lost it! You’re a dinosaur… He won’t say he’s opposed to defunding the police because he supports it. And I don’t!… You’re a dinosour!”
Via Hannity:

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