Saturday, 4 July 2020

As Leftist Violence Spreads, Indiana Republicans Cut Handgun-Carry License Fees to $0

This week in Indiana, a big Second Amendment win went into effect. The state now waives its fees for firearm and handgun licenses.
“Starting Wednesday, state and local fees will be waived for the five-year, previously four-year, ‘Qualified License’ and the ‘Unlimited License’ gun permits in Indiana with legal protections for gun owners against civil lawsuits,” Indianapolis’ WXIN-TV reported.
A “qualified license” is for hunting and target shooting. An “unlimited license” is for concealed carry.
State Rep. Ben Smaltz, a Republican and a co-author of the bill, said during an interview that “removing financial barriers to someone being able to exercise their Second Amendment right is very important.”
“It came to light over several hearings, and it was our goal to eliminate those barriers for cost,” he said.
The law, signed by Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb in April, also reinforces stand-your-ground laws in cases of forcible felony.
The law provides “complete immunity against any claim or action initiated by a person: (1) who alleges to have been injured or damaged by any such use of force; and (2) whose conduct justified the use of force.”
Furthermore, the law allows people to carry firearms in church unless the owner of the land prohibits it.
The National Rifle Association backed the bill.
The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action posted on its website, “Removing barriers for lawful carry in Indiana, including taxes and fees, is significant for many Hoosier gun owners that desire to carry for the defense of themselves and others.”
Republicans again have delivered a Second Amendment win at the state level. Indiana has a Republican governor and Republican majority in its legislature. Protecting Second Amendment rights appears to be a top priority for Hoosiers.
In contrast, Virginia, which once was a GOP stronghold, now has a Democratic governor and majority-Democratic legislature gutting their citizens’ Second Amendment rights.
Indiana legislators rightly recognized that citizens should not be prevented from acquiring a gun permit if they cannot afford it. Second Amendment protections should never be an economic issue.
Americans are watching in horror as mobs run rampant through city streets and as Democratic mayors and city councils defund police departments.
Democrats are stripping Americans of vital police protection. And they’re doing this while they are making it difficult for those same Americans to protect themselves.
The Democratic Party’s anti-police, anti-Second Amendment views are dangerous to citizens’ safety and freedom.
So congratulations to the people of Indiana. They wisely voted in a strong Republican governor and lawmakers who believe in protecting citizens’ rights and removing unnecessary burdens to using those rights.

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