Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Black Lives Matter activists organize 'Black Out Day' to boycott businesses not owned by blacks

Black Lives Matter activists advocated for a "Black Out Day" to show the economic power of blacks by refusing to spend at businesses that aren't owned by blacks.
The economic activist boycott was held on June 7. Supporters posted about "Black Out Day" on social media and posted flyers to spread the word.
Others used social media to publicize their black-owned businesses.
A statement from the website for the movement said that organizers want blacks to continue the boycott beyond one day and possibly into a years long statement.
"This movement is an awakening of the national consciousness of black people in America and abroad. We need economic solidarity in America amongst all black people unequivocally," the statement read.
"In order to break free from the chains of financial servility, we will organize days, weeks, months, and years if necessary when not one black person in America will spend a dollar outside of our community," it concluded.
One company, Vans shoes, showed their support for the day by telling visitors to their website to spend money at a black-owned business before buying their shoes. 

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