Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Bolsonaro called his isolation from the coronavirus “horrible” and was shortly afterwards bitten by an emu

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has been in isolation for almost a week at the official residence of Alvorada, after confirming that he had contracted the new coronavirus.
In an interview with CNN Brasil, the president indicated that a new examination will be carried out on Tuesday, and He confessed that he eagerly awaits the results because he cannot bear the confinement.
The result of the RT-PCR examination “should come out in a few hours and I will wait with quite anxious because I can’t stand this routine of staying at home, it’s horrible“Said the president in the telephone interview.
Bolsonaro, who downplayed the impact of the pandemic that has claimed nearly 73,000 deaths in the country as of Monday, reiterated that he feels “very good”, and indicated that he does not have a fever or breathing problems. She has also not lost her sense of taste, one of the most common symptoms of coronavirus.
“Morning [martes] I don’t know if it will be confirmed [el virus] with the new exam, but if everything is ok I go back to work. Of course if it is the opposite, I will wait a few more days“Added the 65-year-old president, who aspires to resume his activities within a week at most.
“Otherwise everything is fine, we are working by videoconference all the time and we are doing our best not to let things accumulate as long as I am in Alvorada,” he said.
Beyond his remote labors, the president starred in an unusual scene outside the walls of his residence, which was captured by a photographer and widely commented on media and social networks.
While strolling through the residence gardens, Bolsonaro tried to feed a group of emus who were passing by. However, the result was not what was expected: one of them bit his hand.

The sequence, captured in a succession of photos, shows how the president quickly takes his hand out of the animal’s reach, and then waves it while his face transmits a gesture of pain and anger.
Bolsonaro is one of the 1.88 million Brazilians who have contracted the new coronavirus. Of that total, 1.15 million people have already recovered from the disease.
As indicated by the Ministry of Health on Monday, the country registered 733 new deaths in the last 24 hours, which brought the total number of victims to 72,833.
The figures provided by the regional secretariats of Health confirm a trend of expansion of the new coronavirus into the interior of the country, while the scenario is of stability in other regions, such as Sao Paulo, the most populous state in the country and which concentrates more deaths and infections from the pathogen.
The São Paulo state, which accounts for almost 18,000 deaths and some 375,000 cases, registered for the third consecutive week falls in the number of deaths, according to the most recent bulletin released by the Ministry of Health.
The numbers have led Sao Paulo to go one step further in its plan to gradually resume the economy and to authorize the reopening of parks, squares and gyms in the capital city of the same name. where bars and restaurants are also allowed to operate from the week.
Rio de Janeiro, the second region of the country with the most deaths (11,474), has also experienced a slowdown in new cases and daily deaths and recorded 59 new deaths in the last day.
Meanwhile, the pandemic is advancing strongly, especially in the states of the southern region of Brazil and the center-west. In the northeast region, Ceará remains the second state with the highest number of infections in Brazil, with 137,206, although it remains third in number of deaths (6,947), behind Rio de Janeiro.

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