Thursday, 2 July 2020

Video: Hannity’s Heartbreaking Interview With Father of 19-Year Old Killed in Seattle’s CHOP

Sean Hannity just had a powerful interview with the father of a teen killed in Seattle’s CHOP.
The six-block area called “CHOP” in downtown Seattle was taken over by BLM and Antifa radicals a few weeks ago. Since that time, two people have been killed. Not one official had reached out to a family who lost a son. Sean Hannity was the one who did reach out to let this family know there are people who care.
Mr. Horace Lorenzo Anderson’s 19-year old son is one of those who was killed during the CHOP takeover. Portions of Mr. Anderson’s heartbreaking interview are below. He has a friend with him during the interview.

“The left created this pain.”

Sean Hannity had the men on for 20 minutes.

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