Tuesday, 25 August 2020

President Trump Slams Dem Governor Roy Cooper: He Told Us “According to Rules and Regulations the Most People You Can Have in Arena is 10” (VIDEO)

President Trump traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday to formally accepted the Republican nomination for his second term in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Trump decided to have a little fun by trolling the Democrat-media complex.
As the crowd chanted, “Four more years! Four more years!” Trump said, “Now if you really wanna drive them crazy, tell them 12 more years.”
As Trump continued his speech he blasted North Carolina Democrat Governor Roy Cooper for blocking the RNC in his state.
President Trump described Governor Cooper as completely out of control.
President Trump had this to say about Governor Cooper’s outrageous demands that forced Republicans to change plans for their convention.
President Trump: If you had a governor who would have let us have some people, he actually told me this. We had an arena that holds 19,000 people. It was totally jammed, sold out. Every hotel was full, everything. And I called him and he said, “But we have a shutdown going on and according to the rules and regulations, this is 19,000,” He did say it! I don’t think he’ll deny it. But he said, “According to the rules and regulations the most people you’re allowed to have in that room is 10 people.” I said, “So governor, I’m at 19,000, you’re at 10 can we work something in the middle?” And it didn’t sound too good.
President Trump will now hold his acceptance speech at the White House on Thursday night.

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