Friday, 14 August 2020

WATCH: Joe Biden’s Handlers Swiftly Move in to Protect Biden, KICK OUT Reporters From Biden-Harris Coronavirus Briefing

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held a Coronavirus roundtable briefing on Thursday.
It started off awkward.

Kamala Harris had to speak up for Joe because of his cognitive decline.

As soon as CNN began to ask questions, Biden’s handlers swiftly moved in to protect him and kicked out the reporters!
“Okay! Let’s go you guys! Come on! Let’s go!” Biden’s handler yelled at reporters as she kicked them out. “Come on, guys! Let’s go! Come on!”
Even CNN was bothered by Biden’s lack of transparency.
“We keep pressing the Biden campaign. There needs to be more questions from reporters.” CNN said.

Joe Biden rarely takes questions from reporters.
He only answers pre-approved questions from a handful of friendly, sycophantic reporters.
Biden and Harris on Wednesday didn’t take any questions from reporters after their first appearance together.
What are they afraid of?

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