Sunday, 6 September 2020

Antifa Militant Cries Like a Baby as Police Arrest Her During Another Night of Violent Riots in Portland (VIDEO)

A Portland Antifa militant cried like a baby as law enforcement arrested her Friday night.
According to reporter Andy Ngo, the woman seen crying is 19-year-old Natalie Van Norman.
She jumped out of an ambulance after being arrested at the violent Portland Antifa riot last night.
According to Portland officials, she had a bleeding abrasion on her head and was treated by a Portland Fire and Rescue field medic before being transported by ambulance.
“However, after the ambulance pulled away from the scene, she jumped out of the ambulance and left.”

Harmeet Dhillon said it best.
“You think she’s crying now…. wait till she finds out about federal prosecutors and their charging decisions.”

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