Monday 28 September 2020

FBI Director Wray’s Corrupt Deep State FBI Continues to Redact Documents to Hide Its Crimes – Will Americans Ever See the Complete Picture of Deep State Crimes?


Why is the Deep State at the FBI, CIA, DNI, etc allowed to redact information regarding their crimes and slow-walk all requests related to their corrupt actions regarding to Obamagate?

When will someone stop this madness? Americans deserve to know the truth.

Senator Ron Johnson was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo and they discussed how the Deep State has prevented them and the American people from knowing the truth behind the coup attempt of President Trump before and after his 2016 election.  Americans endured years of garbage reporting about how the President was a Russia puppet, which was a total lie, but as we approach the 2020 election, all evidence showing the crimes of the Deep State is covered up.

After a brief discussion about the Deep State coverup of the truth behind the coup, Senator Johnson shared this about the cooperation he has received from the Christopher Wray FBI:

So let me just disagree with Chairman Graham, where he said he is very pleased with the production out of the FBI.  I am not.  So let me just give you a document that we got from the General Services Administration.  You can see that it’s an email, and all, everything is presented except for the very bottom.  They redacted the mobile phone number of the person writing the email.

[Next Senator Johnson shows a document that is nearly entirely blacked out – redacted]  Here’s the exact same email we got from the FBI.  You see something different here?  Everything is redacted.  And that, we’re supposed to get thousands of pages of those.  I finally had to subpoena the FBI, they’re on their second extension.  Everything is due by, I think the 30th of September and that’s the kind of information we get.  It’s not information.  We have to fight over redacting the same documents we get from other agencies.  So I am not happy at all with the document production we’ve gotten out of Director Wray at the FBI.  Not even close!

Senator Johnson went on to say:

When we finally do get these classified sections redacted, or unredacted, when they become declassified, you look at what information you have and you have to ask yourself the question, ‘What national security issue was at stake here?’ ‘Why was this ever redacted?’

The answer is almost always, because it embarrass the agency or it embarrasses a powerful person. That is not the reason to classify information.  It’s certainly not the reason to keep the truth from the American public.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

Time and again, individuals seeking justice have requested information regarding the Obamagate scandal. Time and again, their efforts have been stalled and Deep State actions have been covered up. We have seen this the entire Trump Presidency where individuals ask for legit information and the information provided is either redacted or claimed to not be found or is classified.

Americans are tired of this!

In August we reported that Attorney Ty Clevenger, who’s requested documents from the FBI, the CIA and the DNI concerning communications between former DNC employee Seth Rich and WikiLeaks, received more responses from the FBI and CIA basically denying the request.

The FBI wrote Clevenger and said his most recent request didn’t hold enough information for the FBI to address the request. This is not the first time this has happened.

The CIA responded and said they would finally begin working on Clevenger’s request:

In a recent post, Clevenger noted that the DNI would also not provide information Clevenger requested:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, now headed by former Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe, will not release documents about spying on U.S. journalists, according to a letter dated yesterday. In its response to a Freedom of Information Act request, ODNI claimed that it could not even admit or deny that the records exist because they would be classified.

In government-speak, that means, “The records exist, but we are not going to search for them because we really don’t want to release them.”

The Deep State has consistently dragged their feet in meeting individual and Congressional requests for information. Some documents are provided and then later they are provided in an less redacted form. It appears all these actions are to prevent immediate knowledge of the truth. They aren’t for the purpose of justice. They are to cover up Deep State crimes.

Bill Binney in a recent forum noted the following in regards to information regarding Seth Rich, the suspected DNC staffer who was murdered but some believe provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks:

I don’t know why, well, I don’t know why the President doesn’t order the FBI to follow up with that and see whether that’s true or not. He’s not done that. I mean, if he orders them and they don’t follow it, he can just simply fire them because for insubordination and hire the next guy and say, release it or else. That’s the way he could do that. And I think that’s primarily what has to happen here because the FBI is involved in so much cover up and this activity, not just of that. They haven’t followed the investigation as far as I know.

And, but also they are covering up a lot that they know about. The Russiagate issue and all this business, they actually helped pay for Steele at one point and I don’t know whether it was directed for the dossier or not or for him as an agent to work with them. You know the government needs to be ordered to do things and if their level of management refuses, they need to be fired, and just get other ones in. And finally, eventually after you fire so many somebody will find the ones who will take the job and do it right, and, they’ll comply.

There is a law that makes it illegal to withhold information from individuals or entities who make legitimate requests for information from the government. This law needs to be enforced.

There is so much corruption in the Department of Justice and in the Intel Community. Americans want answers. Americans don’t want any more redactions and cover ups.  Drain the swamp.

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