Sunday, 6 September 2020

“I Thought I was Going to Die!” – #WalkAway Founder Attacked by BLM in Dallas – Mob Hurls Bottles at Brandon Straka, Chases His Group Down Street (VIDEO)

Brandon Straka and his #WalkAway movement held a massive rally in Dallas, Texas today.
Hundreds of Trump supporters came out to hear former Democrats tell their stories about how they walked about from the Democrat Party.
During the rally local Black Lives Matter activists stormed the stage. One young BLM activist put his fist in the security guard’s face when he was forcibly removed from the stage area.
The entire event was caught on video.
That’s when the black security guard leveled the BLM terrorist and tossed him away from the area.
Police came and arrested the #WalkAway security guard.
Following the rally Brandon Straka went to the police station to see about his security guard who was arrested for clearing the stage and smashing a BLM leader on the ground.
Brandon and his associates were attacked again by the BLM mob.
The BLM rioters were hurling bottles at them and chased them down the street.
This was insane!
Holy crap!

We reached out to Brandon Straka tonight after the rally.  He was clearly shaken after the incident outside the police station.  Brandon told The Gateway Pundit he was afraid they were all going to die.  There was a mob of around 40 BLM activists who mobbed him and chased him and his crew for three blocks.  Brandon and his group were only safe after they made it to police officers parked a few blocks away.  This is criminal activity by the left.  They continue to assault conservatives who are following the law and peacefully gathering.
Where the hell is the Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr on this? 

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