Friday, 4 September 2020

Mike Huckabee: Dems Could Try To Steal the Election from Trump - Here's How

It was awfully sporting of a Democratic data and analytics firm to tell us in advance how the Democrats plan to steal the presidential election.
According to them, Trump may “appear” to have won on election night, even by a landslide.
But that will just be a “red mirage,” because so many Democrats will vote by mail that days later, the race will shift to Biden.
That’s the innocent-sounding version.
Those of a more suspicious nature might read it as, “We’ll find out on election night how many bogus mail-in ballots we’ll need to manufacture to overcome Trump’s lead.”
“Then if anyone questions those ballots, we’ll accuse the Republicans of trying to ‘suppress the minority vote’ and send our antifa shock troops out to burn down cities unless Trump concedes and hands over the White House.”
Again, if you think this can’t happen, I’ll refer to you this story, in which a Democratic operative described how easy it is to steal elections and how he’s been rigging them in New Jersey for years.
I hope the Republican National Committee is making plans to fight this since it’s been reported that the Democrats have already lined up at least 600 lawyers to challenge the vote.
This could be an open war, so our side had better be prepared.
Of course, the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to vote in massive numbers, far beyond the potential “margin of fraud.”
Go vote in person (not by mail-in ballots that can be intercepted) and take everyone who would vote GOP with you.
I must be getting old.
I remember when people won elections by espousing policies that the majority of people agreed with.
I even recall when one Democratic presidential candidate called it appalling and un-American to refuse to accept the results of a presidential election – before she went on to spend the next four years refusing to accept the results of the presidential election.

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