Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Portland’s Emasculated, Far-Left Mayor Blames Trump For Out-Of-Control Violence In His City After Trump Supporter Is Shot And Killed By Antifa Terrorist

Paid and non-paid thugs working for Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders campaign promised violence if their candidate didn’t win the nomination. James O’Keefe released a stunning undercover video in early March warning of the violence America would see if their Democrat candidate didn’t win the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination.
Democrat members of Congress like “Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA), are openly calling for violence in the streets in the months leading up to the election.
After years of watching far-left Antifa terrorists overtake the city of Portland, Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler blasted President Trump in a letter dated August 28, for his offer to send federal agents into the city to protect the citizens and businesses, and to restore law and order in a chaotic city plagued by unimaginable violence.
Mayor Wheeler suggested President Trump should leave the city of Portland to him, calling the tens of thousands of radicals who’ve descended on the city, “peaceful protesters.”
The following night, a Trump supporter was killed, allegedly by a self-proclaimed member of Antifa.

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