Saturday, 19 September 2020

Roger Stone on the President’s Handling of COVID-19 and the Panic Being Engendered by Nevada Gov. Sisolak and Democrats


On Sunday, despite threats from BLM and Antifa, Roger Stone went ahead with his planned events in Las Vegas.

Antifa and BLM were leaving threats and demanding that the Roger Stone events scheduled for Saturday be cancelled.  Stone and the Ahern Hotel went ahead with the events as scheduled in spite of the threats of violence.

3 News Las Vegas reported on Stone’s presence in Nevada and his defense of President Trump:

Stone spoke to the press ahead of a small speaking engagement at the hotel, defending Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, which is one of the top criticisms coming from Democrats.

“To the president’s credit, I think he erred on the side of caution. He’s not a scientist. He’s not a doctor. There was no way of knowing that those projections would be wrong,” said Stone. “So he had no choice but to close the economy down, actually killing his signature accomplishment. Now, if you look at the CDC numbers weekend before last, it’s very hard to reconcile them with the public panic that people like Governor Sisolak have engendered.”

Roger Stone also shared on the Democrats’ attempts to steal the election through mail-in ballots and the courts:

Stone also spoke out against mail-in voting, echoing the president’s concerns in saying that he doesn’t trust the system being used in Nevada.

“I have very grave concerns about the integrity of the voting process here in Nevada,” said Stone. “It does not make sense to me to mail a ballot to every voter in Clark County who has not requested a ballot, and in some cases, including in those outgoing mailings people who have not voted in six or eight years.”

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