Thursday, 10 September 2020

Will there be an EMP attack on American soil before the election?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a new report warning that an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack could take place in the United States at some point between now and the Nov. 3 election.

Entitled, “DHS Combats Potential Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack,” the chilling memo, of sorts, explains that there are “evolving threats against the American homeland” as we near what many say is the most contentious and heated presidential election in American history.

Of pressing concern, according to DHS, is an EMP attack, “which could disrupt the electrical grid and potentially damage electronics.” With the information provided to it by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), DHS has indicated that it must take “key actions to address known EMP-related vulnerabilities to critical infrastructure” in order to avoid a potentially widespread disaster.

Should an EMP attack occur, the fallout could “disrupt, degrade, and damage technology” that is embedded within key national infrastructure systems. One example might be widespread blackouts, which could result from “smart” grids being fried by an EMP weapon.
“EMP attacks are part of the emerging threats against our nation and demand a response,” says Ken Cuccinelli, the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Deputy Secretary, as is his title.

“That is why DHS is taking these contingencies very seriously, working diligently to mitigate our risks and equipping our state and local partners with the resources they need to do the same,” he adds. “We’ve made significant progress and look forward to work ahead.”

Trump signed EO in 2019 delegating power to White House for EMP preparedness

The federal government has been talking about a potential EMP attack for several years now, which some would argue is a type of “predictive programming” to warn people about what could eventually become a reality.
President Donald Trump even signed an executive order back in March 2019 specifically delegating power to the White House to put together an EMP preparedness plan. 

Of course the situation is also supposedly escalating due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) plandemic, which Peter Vincent Pry, ex-chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, claimed in an op-ed has:

“[E]xposed dangerous weaknesses in U.S. planning and preparation for civil defense protection and recovery, and those weaknesses surely have been noticed by our potential enemies: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and international terrorists.”

“China has been planning to defeat the U.S. with an EMP and cyber ‘Pearl Harbor’ attack for a quarter-century,” he added.

Neither DHS nor CISA has elucidated as to where they see these “evolving EMP threats” coming from, whether they be from solar storms or actual EMP weapons. All we know is that DHS is currently running EMP pilot tests to gauge the vulnerability of various infrastructure components to an attack.

DHS says it has partnered with numerous federal departments and agencies, as well as state, local, tribal and territorial entities, to “field test a more resilient critical infrastructure.”

“One such pilot is the San Antonio Electromagnetic Defense Initiative, designed to show how an entire region can become resilient against an EMP,” the agency further indicated.
“These pilots are multisector, multifunction efforts, seeking to ensure key capabilities continue to function in a post EMP environment and that by maintaining those key functions we can expedite a full recovery. Working with federal interagency partners, DHS will play a major role in ensuring communications systems remain operational and, by ensuring key systems which are protected against EMP, are also protected against other threats such as cyber-attacks.”

In other words, DHS is on it, so just move along now. Do you feel reassured yet?

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