Friday, 30 October 2020

CRINGE: Joe Biden ‘Jogs’ to Podium, Screams at Parking Lot with Few Dozen Honking Cars in Coconut Creek, Florida (VIDEO)


77-year-old traveled to Florida on Thursday for two separate drive-in rallies.

Biden’s first rally was in Coconut Creek, Florida.

There was a few dozen cars in the parking lot. Impressive.


Biden ‘jogged’ to the podium.


Angry Biden yelled to the parking lot full of honking cars (cringe).

After Biden finished his short speech, he ran away from the podium and didn’t take any questions.


Mark Levin summed up Biden’s speech today perfectly.

Sleepy Joe Biden started his first rally AFTER President Trump’s Tampa rally began — and Biden finished his first rally BEFORE Trump concluded his Tampa rally.

Biden has zero stamina and virtually no support.

Only 2,000 viewers watched Biden’s livestream rally on Periscope compared to more than 129,000 watching President Trump on RSBN.

Here is a side by side:

Joe Biden’s cringe drive-in rally in Coconut Creek, Florida:

President Trump’s massive MAGA rally in Tampa, Florida:

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