Saturday 17 October 2020

DEVASTATING! Far Left Iowa Senate Candidate Theresa Greenfield Admits to Support For Black Lives Matter Radicals — UNDERCOVER VIDEO


Like many other conservative states, any democrat candidate in Iowa needs to come off looking like a moderate, carefully walking the tightrope between appeasing the leftist mobs while also not coming off as a wacked out lunatic to the average voter.

This often means that the candidates need to put on a moderate face in public, while taking more extreme positions in private. We’ve seen this happen time and time again in states such as Kentucky, Arkansas, and Louisiana, as many of them are caught revealing their true feelings on hidden video.

Theresa Greenfield is the latest one to learn that lesson. Greenfield is running against Joni Ernst for US Senate. In public, she’s had to disguise her support for violent, far left organizations, but on hidden video, she’s more than happy to voice her support for Black Lives Matter rioters.

In a video released by Accuracy In Media, the O’Keefe-style sting catches Greenfield brazenly declaring her support for Black Lives Matter as an organization. As the video explains, one of the BLM leaders in Des Moines has recently been charged with a variety of counts for assaulting officers and he allegedly planned a fake hostage situation to distract police to prevent law enforcement from interfering during one of the protests.

“Now what does Greenfield do?” asks Adam Guillette in the video, president of AIM. “She can’t publicly support such an unpopular organization in Iowa if she wants to win. But privately, she has to appease her progressive base.”

The video then shows Greenfield’s husband talking to the undercover operative, explaining how they support the BLM movement. “Of course the Republicans are using that ‘law and order’ thing and we know all about that bulls***,” her husband says.

Then Greenfield herself plays dumb as to why “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t appear on her website. The undercover op gets Greenfield herself to voice her support for the Black Lives Matter organization, and she touts how she’s given shout outs to these far left organizations.

It’s just another example of another two-faced politician who says one thing in public, but a different thing in private.

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