Saturday 3 October 2020

Hidden Nugget in Presidential Debate – Biden Asks ‘How Many of Those [COVID Deaths] Have Survived?’ (VIDEO)


Oh What at night!

As we look back at the first 2020 Presidential debate, one which will go down in infamy, there are a few nuggets yet uncovered.  We found one such nugget.

The first topic of the debate was on the Supreme Court. President Trump and Vice President Biden both completed their opening two minute responses to Wallace’s initial question.  Biden had already interrupted Trump a short time into the debate and Wallace had interrupted the President as well.

Then at about the 7:30 mark in the video below, Biden, in response to President Trump on the subject of health care said, “My party is me.  I am the Democratic Party right now”.  President Trump, refuted this to say basically that Biden’s party is communists who will run all over him.

In response to this Biden began babbling about preexisting conditions and then he said a doozie:

…and by the way, the 20, 200 million…, 200,000 people who have died on HIS watch; they.., HOW MANY OF THOSE HAVE SURVIVED?”

 What the hell was Biden talking about?

Biden is a mess.  We are just now seeing how insane this guy is.

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