Monday, 16 November 2020

SAME IMPOSSIBLE BALLOT RATIO Found in Milwaukee – Results Change Wisconsin Election – 30,000 Votes Switched from President Trump to Biden


A deep dive into the results in Milwaukee shows a similar pattern found in Pennsylvania and  Dr. Shiva found in Michigan.  The more Republican the precinct the higher percentage of votes shifted from President Trump to Joe Biden.

We’ve also previously reported on the results from Milwaukee where the number of votes that went for Joe Biden made no sense using the statistical technique known as ‘Benford Analysis’:

Next we reported on a pattern identified in Michigan’s results by Dr. Shiva from Massachusetts, where Trump votes were systematically switched from President Trump to Joe Biden in consistent manner.  This pattern is too consistent to be found in a natural set of numbers and therefore indicates ‘monkey business’ or fraud.

Today we report the results of a similar analysis of the results in Milwaukee based on Dr. Shiva’s analysis.  We analyzed precincts in Milwaukee and found again that votes were transferred from President Trump to Joe Biden in an unnatural pattern indicating fraud.

According to Dr. Shiva and others, the voting machines used in the US in the current election and in prior elections have the ability to store votes not as integers but as fractions.  This allows these machines to weigh votes for candidates and change elections based on this weighting.

There is NO REASON why this feature should be included on a voting machine.

There is only ONE REASON to include this feature on voting machines — to STEAL elections.

For example, if you like a candidate you count two votes for every vote he or she receives.  If you don’t like a candidate you give that candidate one-half a vote for every vote that person receives.  You then set up a voting machine’s weighting calculation such that all votes are allocated based on your preferred weighting.  At the end of the day you count ballots and all are counted but the number of votes for the first candidate is nearly twice as much as the number of votes that candidate one received and half as much of the number of votes for the second candidate.  This can be done because we’ve found that votes are stored with decimals in US voting machines providing for manipulation and voter fraud.

Dr. Shiva was on with conservative talk show host Larry Elder and he explained this process in a short interview held during the past week:

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