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All The Foods That Make You Hungrier After Eating Them!

 We eat to get the required amount of fuel to keep our body running, but ironically, some foods do not make us feel full and rather leave us hungry and crave more. Feeling hungry constantly is not fun. The hunger pangs, stomach growling, etc., associated with hunger can make you feel rather frustrated, especially if you have already had a meal.

In addition, if you feel hungry all the time, the chances are that you give in to your hunger and binge-eat on excess food, leading to numerous health issues, the main one being unhealthy weight gain.


It is common knowledge that weight gain can be the root cause of many other diseases and ailments, including obesity, diabetes, joint pain, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy diet if you want to remain disease-free. For that, you must ensure that you do not unnecessarily experience hunger pangs, especially even after eating food.

Many foods can help manage and control your hunger pangs, keeping you satiated and full for a long time. But today, we will look at some of the foods that'll leave you hungry or even hungrier. Take a look.

1. Yoghurt

Most types of yoghurt available in stores can be high in sugar. Yoghurts have more artificial sweeteners that can increase your blood sugar but give little satisfaction. Also, because of its consistency, yoghurt does not require chewing, and the act of chewing helps to increase our fullness factor [1]. Greek yoghurt can help with hunger better than the normal ones. It has two to three times the amount of protein as regular yoghurt, which can also help us feel satisfied longer.

2. White Bread

Sometimes called 'junk bread,' white flour bread has little food value. They are made of white flour and fat that give more calories but less satisfaction. Hence, instead of a big white bread, have whole grain products for breakfast, which will serve you a lot better.

3. White Rice

White rice shoots up the blood sugar and then brings it down. As a result, you will feel hungry again. Instead of white rice, choose basmati rice or brown rice as they will not react the way white rice does, and avoid overcooking white rice.

4. White Pasta

Due to the lack of fibre in white pasta, even after eating it, you can feel hungry. White pasta is a concentrated source of carbohydrates, raising blood sugar, followed by a drop not long after [2].

5. Egg White

Egg whites are really good for your health, but eating them will not make you feel full and can leave you feeling hungry because the egg yolk is the protein part of eggs, which help you be full (amino acids) [3].

6. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is good but never as good as the fruit itself because of the lack of fibre. Without the necessary nutrient, the juice can shoot up the blood sugar and bring it down, and you turn hungry again in no time [4].

7. Soda

The more soda you have, the more calories you gain. The carbon dioxide from the soda, when consumed, is released in the stomach, where chemical receptors that detect carbon dioxide cause the cells at the top of the stomach to release ghrelin, leading to a feeling of hunger. Soda prevents you from feeling full, and soda mixed with sugar makes you crave for even more sweet, which is definitely bad for health [5].

8. Alcohol

Studies point out that Agouti-related peptide (AgRP) neurons (special neurons in the front of the brain that deal with hunger and other functions) are activated during intoxication, that is, making you feel hungrier [6]. When you drink alcohol, you're likely to eat more calories.

9. Cereals

Not all cereals, but the types with artificial sweeteners can affect your blood sugar and actually make you hungrier [7]. Experts say that this could be because of the sweet taste without the calories; your body would crave calories, making you hungrier.

10. French Fries

Just a food by name. Frying potatoes in oil and salt make them worthless, to be honest. Use the same potato for baking or boiling, and you will gain a lot. If you are really missing potato chips, make use of sweet potato. It will make a huge difference.

Other foods that make you hungrier after you eat them are as follows:

11. Bread and jam (combination): This go-to snack that many people love can make your hunger worse, as it is loaded with carbohydrates and fats that can lower your blood sugar levels, causing hunger.

12. Smoothies: Smoothies rich in sugar content can make you feel energetic and full momentarily; however, they can also lower your blood sugar levels after a while and cause hunger pangs.

13. Pork: Pork is very rich in vitamin B content, and vitamin B is linked with increasing hunger, so think twice the next time you want to eat your favourite pork dish when you are extremely hungry [8].

14. Milk chocolate: While dark chocolate is healthy, milk chocolate can create an imbalance in your blood sugar level, causing a spike in your hunger pangs.

15. MSG foods: Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavour enhancer found in Chinese food, processed meats, soups, etc. Some studies have pointed out that MSG can cause an increase in appetite [9].

16. Dessert foods: Sweet foods like doughnuts, muffins, and pies break down quickly in our body as glucose, which causes the body to release more insulin. This, in turn, can lead to low blood sugar, leaving you feeling hungrier [10].

  • Chips
  • Pretzels, bagels and croissants
  • Fat-free salad dressings
  • Granola bars
  • Ketchup
  • Chewing gum

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