Friday, 28 May 2021

Here’s how you can store food in your kitchen for it to remain fresh for long

 If there is one big skill that millions of Indian millennials have adopted in the pandemic, it has to be, you guessed it, cooking! While many revelled in their new discovery, a lot of others have struggled with the very basics - keeping food safe and fresh. And most importantly, working couples and nuclear families need to make their food preparations last longer, especially since pressing deadlines forced so many of us to meal prep in between work or on weekends.


Summer can thus prove to be particularly harsh for these new master chefs since food spoilage is at an all-time high due to spikes in humidity and temperature. Refrigeration is ideal - but it doesn’t cover all bases - for what does one do when the chicken bhurji smells like pav bhaji too?!


Your all for one and one for all saviour is actually an innovative kitchen product that we have underestimated all along - the humble yet multifaceted premium wrap or cling wrap - capable of solving over 

10 kitchen problems with a single roll. Perfect for storing all kinds of Indian and exotic dishes across the cooking and post preparation stages, the cling wrap is probably your kitchen's new best friend.


Here are the top 10 things you didn't know about your premium wrap, alongside easy hacks that you can use to keep food fresher for longer this summer:


1) Using a cling wrap to store vegetables with high water content keeps them crisper and fresher for longer by locking in moisture and preventing oxygen from flowing through.


2) Now you don't need to worry about lost tiffin lids, as any raw or cooked meal can be safely packaged at room temperature or in the refrigerator by the same kind of wrap making more storage more efficient.


3) Since a cling wrap is made of PVDC (Polyvinylidene chloride) cling film, it is wrinkle-free and simple to rip off and wrap, hence saving precious time. Especially in the case of Japanese options in the market, one can simply draw out the needed quantity of wrap from the roll, seal the box, hold the flap down on the thumb mark, and rip along the cutter edge. No external equipment or even scissors needed!


4) It keeps frozen meals fresh and prevents them from drying out, and it may be utilised in a variety of ways.


5) Raw vegetables, fruits, meats, poultry, and fish, as well as prepared roti, attas and doughs, may all be stored to last longer and fresher for hours on end.


6) Furthermore, it is perfect to store or heat any kind of Indian or exotic preparation in the refrigerator or the microwave. 


7) Few wraps are even heat resistant so they can be used in a microwave as well upto 140°C.


8) Not only does a cling wrap keep your food fresh but it also locks odour. Even after hours and days in the wrap, your food won't smell different because of the airtight seal made by


9) These wraps allow you to pre-prep your meals. One can just marinate the food and cover it with the wrap and after a few hours the food is ready to be cooked. Allowing to prepare

meals beforehand and avoid any hassle after a long tiring day.


10) With cling film, you don't have to worry about wasting food. Just wrap your leftovers and store them for longer.


During the pandemic a lot of us have been working from home and have been always finding alternative options in our daily household chores and cooking, a lot of people are not moving out and are looking for options to buy essentials like vegetables and fruits in bulk, that is when a cling wrap would come to rescue since food items can remain fresh for a longer period of time.


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