Friday, 28 May 2021

Know These 5 Warning Signs Of Deteriorating Health in Aging Adults

 Taking care of your aging parents can be difficult. After a certain age your parents start to act like children but you cannot put restrictions on them like children as they may feel that their independence is being taken away.

However, you need to be really careful with them at this point of life. If you are not sure when to get help, then closely pay attention to their new habits and changed behavior. Here are a few signs of deteriorating health in aging adults.

Change In Personality

There might be small changes with each passing day in your aging loved ones but it is really difficult to point it out as the changes are very minimal. However, after a point of time you start to notice change but can’t really find out what is happening.

You need to look out for small behavioral changes like losing interest in things they used to love, mood swings, putting their mind onto one thing and many more. These changes might be minor but can change into something big if you don’t pay attention immediately.

Loss Of Appetite

Have you noticed that your aging loved ones have slowly started to have only a single chapatti or have started to skip meals as they do not feel hungry, then it is a big problem and needs to be addressed immediately. This can also lead to several other ailments and can be extremely harmful in the long run.


Another sign of deteriorating health can be that they easily forget things. You may find themselves calling a person again and again and forgetting about it, losing their keys, forgetting to pay bills, take medicines and many more. These small things can lead to a big problem and interrupt a smooth life.

You need to look out for these signs and keep a check on their daily activities like paying bills and taking medicines. This will be helpful for them as well as you. Also, you need to consult a doctor immediately.

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Unexplained Bruises

Another sign of deteriorating health might be unexplained cuts or bruises on their body. This might be the result of falling or any other reason. They might not always tell you about as they might not remember where the bruise came from or another reason could be that they might not want to feel like a burden on you.

However, it is your responsibility to look out for such bruises as this might lead to some serious infection. Also, it is your duty to not make them feel like they are a burden on you.

Cannot Take Proper Decisions

Not able to make a sound decision is a result of their deteriorating health. Your parents might take decisions that they wouldn’t have taken otherwise. This might be something small like not switching off the AC even if they feel cold or big like switching on and off the gas stove every few hours. This kind of behavior indicates that there is some problem with the functioning of the brain.

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