Tuesday, 22 June 2021

MIRACLE: Georgia Fulton County’s Richard Barron Reportedly Finds 1,500 Chain of Custody Forms After Reporting All Were Missing for Months


Richard Barron, Georgia Fulton County Elections Board Director performed a miracle this past week.  He located more than a thousand chain of custody documents for the county that have been missing since the 2020 Election. 

What a shock.

The Georgia Star News has been reporting for months on the massive amount of documentation legally required in the 2020 Election that has been missing.  Every ballot in the election is required to be tracked from when the vote was cast to the point where the ballot was counted and stored for future audits if needed.

The Star reported only a few months ago that Georgia was missing chain of custody documentation on over 350,000 ballots.

Then only a week ago it was reported that Fulton County Georgia was missing chain of custody documentation on 18,900 ballots in the county.

Then a miracle happened.  The individual who was reportedly let go in February…. Richard Barron…

He, Richard Barron, and the County reportedly located the chain of custody documentation on all 18,900 ballots in Fulton County.

A reporter from the local Public Broadcasting Media outlet broke the news.  The reporter tweeted that a miracle had occurred.  He somehow located a copy of a chain of custody document in his tweet.  He claimed that all the missing documentation was found.  A miracle occurred.

Unfortunately, the document the reporter provided in his tweet disagreed with the total number of ballots missing as previously reported by the county.  Below is the tweet.

The Georgia Star reported:

“[A]fter GPB News asked the [Fulton] county Monday about the forms not included in the Georgia Star’s records request, elections staff located all but eight of the more than 1,500 forms” and “provided them to GPB News on a flash drive,” wrote Fowler.

GPB News said that Fulton County Elections Board Director Rick Barron told elections board members during a meeting on Thursday, June 17, “that staff spent more than 200 hours this week locating the forms to counter the claims of ‘missing’ forms.”

Meanwhile, Fulton County has not provided the additional transfer forms to The Star News that they have located and supplied to GPB News.

The County has yet to provide documentation supporting the public media reporter’s comments to the Georgia Star, even though the Star has asked for this data for months.  They must have to ‘find’ them first.

Maybe the miracle is not manufactured yet.

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