Wednesday, 23 June 2021

No Guidance: Chris Brown Under Investigation for Reportedly Slapping a Woman

 It seems Chris Brown could still use a little guidance on how to keep his hands off of women and how to prevent frequent run-ins with the cops.

According to NBC News, Los Angeles Police Department officers responded to a report of an argument in the San Fernando Valley over the weekend. Officers say that an unidentified woman accused Brown of slapping her in his home, and per TMZ, the slap was so hard that it knocked part of her weave out her head.

The LAPD filed a report for battery in which they named Brown as the suspect, but no official charges have been filed. There have also been no arrests made and the woman fortunately sustained no other injuries.

Brown’s attorney has not responded or made any comments on the matter but it seems Chris Breezy may have alluded to it on Instagram. Hours after the news began to spread on social media about the investigation, the Grammy-winning singer posted an indirect, direct message on his stories writing: “Y’all so damn” with a baseball cap emoji next to it and several laughing emojis. (In millennial speak, that reads: “Ya’ll so damn cap,” which means we’re basically all liars and/or the people who are reporting on it are all liars.)

Sad to say, as with any time Chris Brown’s name starts trotting down the Twitter streets, folks were quick with the discourse. Most people’s comments were laced with fake surprise and disapproval seeing as how this feels like Brown’s 50-leventh time in the news for something like this.

“Y’all not actually surprised Chris Brown, the abuser, is abusing, right?” one user asked sarcastically.

“It’s almost as if Chris Brown was never reformed or reckoned with his abusive behavior and was coddled by a culture of misogyny and violence that allows men like him to flourish despite the ways they terrorize women. But hey he did that flip one time!,”another user wrote, clearly making a dig at people who continue to excuse Brown’s pattern of abusive behavior all because of his talent.

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