Monday, 7 June 2021

Passenger Told to Take His ‘F–K Biden’ Shirt Off on Airline, or He Would Have to Leave the Plane

 Will Johnson of Unite America First was a paying passenger on a Southwest flight back to his home and was told by a flight attendant that he had to remove his shirt or go to the bathroom and turn it inside out, or he would have to leave the plane.

“These two women were so agitated about my shirt that I was worried they would spit into my drink if I asked them for something, so I flew home without drinking anything at all,” Johnson told the Gateway Pundit.

Johnson was on Southwest flight #2112 from Florida to Austin at 1:25 PM on Tuesday, June 1.

Johnson said that he was flying home from covering the big Boat Parade for President Donald J. Trump in Florida and was wearing an ‘F-CK Biden’ t-shirt.  He admitted that he did it partially for reaction to show the double standards that Trump supporters face.

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