Monday, 21 June 2021

“This Is JUST THE BEGINNING!” – HUGE! — 20 States to Date Tour The Arizona Audit Center Floor


This is expected to be the last week of the Arizona audit and 20 state delegations have made the pilgrimage on The Freight Train of Audits.

On Sunday, Audit War Room Tweeted:

20 State Delegations visited AZ to tour what is now being called the GOLD STANDARD for forensic election audits. Audits are a state right and this is just the beginning! Flag of United States

This is just the beginning. More states may possibly come to observe this week and some states, including Pennsylvania and Georgia, are hoping to start an audit as soon as July.

AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward followed that with another tweet.

Nearly half of our states have been to AZ. Voter confidence will be restored through #ElectionIntegrity#AmericasAudit #AmericasAudits

This audit is sweeping the nation and becoming America’s Audit. We will restore voter confidence in America through audits like this one performed across America.

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