Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Break-in suspect opens fire on homeowner with stolen gun. But homeowner is armed as well — and shoots intruder dead.

 A Modesto, California, homeowner got the call Friday afternoon from an alarm company monitoring his house: there was a break-in, KTXL-TV reported.

Image source: KTXL-TV video screenshot

What happened next?

With that, the homeowner returned to his residence — and sure enough an intruder was inside, the station said.

Even worse, the suspect fired multiple times at the homeowner with what Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputies said was a previously reported stolen gun, KTXL noted.

Fortunately for the homeowner, he had made certain to exercise his Second Amendment rights and had a gun on hand. The station said the homeowner fired back at the suspect — and a gun battle was on.

But the homeowner's aim was true. The break-in suspect, identified as 41-year-old Rodney Lee Martin, was found dead at the scene by responding authorities, KTXL reported.

Deputies added to the station that the homeowner disarmed Martin after delivering the fatal gunshot wound and then called 911, investigators told the station.

The homeowner is cooperating fully with the investigation, KTXL said, adding that no arrests have been made.

"He did receive some sort of an alert that there was an activation on the property," sheriff's office spokesman Sgt. Erich Layton told the station prior to authorities identifying Martin. "When he arrived, he located what seems to be the now deceased, unidentified male on the property. At some point, that individual, not the homeowner, but the unidentified individual suffered a gunshot wound and was pronounced deceased."

Not the only shooting in the area

KTXL said a similar deadly shooting occurred June 29 in the Modesto area.

The station said the second incident involved a home invasion suspect allegedly using a fire extinguisher to break a sliding glass door at an elderly couple's home before threatening to kill them.

But again, the homeowner had a gun and opened fire, killing 32-year-old Pearl Fierro, KTXL said.

The sheriff's office said Fierro's body was found in a parked car belonging to one of the homeowners, the station said.

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