Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Adding This to Your Water May Lower Weight and Cholesterol, Says Science

 Maybe you've been reading up on the surprise benefits of some of your favorite juices, like the way cantaloupe juice could seriously boost your immunity, and cranberry juice may be good for your teeth—really! Science has also identified one unexpected fruit whose juice may deliver a host of health benefits with just a tiny amount dropped into your water.

Keep reading to learn about the juice that could help you lose weight and get heart-healthier 

Noni is a little fruit that delivers big benefits.

Medical News Today reveals that noni is a small but mighty fruit that grows from trees in Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and other tropical regions. The noni is said to hold antioxidants and other properties so powerful that it's been used for ages in Eastern medicine modalities. 

Noni juice can offer a few health benefits.

sliced noni

Noni is sometimes prepared into a paste or powder or pressed for its juice for the fruit's power to address a number of health needs. Scientific studies have found that noni's nutrients have been shown to relieve cases of joint pain and osteoarthritis, combat free radicals that can lead to cancer, and, like cantaloupe juice, deliver Vitamin C to support immunity.

One study discovered that heavy tobacco users who drank noni juice for a month experienced a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease. Specifically, it "significantly reduced" bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

In a separate study assessing a group of non-smokers, noni juice led to a reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. The juice has also been shown to regulate blood sugar and metabolism, decrease fat in the blood, and prevent weight gain by increasing grehlin (the hormone that tells the body we're full). 

Noni juice might not be the most delicious addition to your diet.

Noni juice might be a Yes for your health, but observers have noted its bitter taste. The good news is that some proponents of the juice say just one ounce poured into your water (to dilute the pungent flavor) can be enough to deliver solid health benefits.

First, you may just have to do a little looking. Though noni is not commonly found at every major supermarket, a brief search suggests it's easily available online and may also be found grocers that sell Eastern foods. 

One word of caution about noni…


It's always wise to check with your doctor before making a fitness or diet change. That goes for noni juice, which some research has discovered is not always ideal for patients with kidney or liver issues.

However, it's also suggested that in some cases, these negative health effects from noni were often due not specifically to the juice itself, but to interactions between that and other ingredients individuals had also consumed.

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