Monday, 27 February 2023

Independent Voters Favor President Trump by Nearly 10% – And This Was Before President Trump’s Visit to East Palestine Last Week


Independents pick President Trump over Joe Biden by a majority and a margin of nearly 10%.

This is not good news for RINO Paul Ryan who’s been against President Trump from the start.  Ryan, who’s now on the Board at FOX News, is doing all he can to keep President Trump out of the news.  Despite his efforts that support Joe Biden, Ryan is not being heard.

Yesterday, Ryan said that he wouldn’t go the RNC if President Trump was the Republican nominee for President.  No one cares.


Ryan’s comments led voters closer to President Trump – not what Ryan intended.

A recent poll shows independents favoring President Trump by 9 points over crooked Biden.  This is probably low as we have seen with polls over the past which is not good news for Ryan and Biden.

As an ABC News/Washington Post poll discovered, “[R]egistered voters chose President Donald Trump over Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, with Trump garnering 48 percent support compared to Biden at 45 percent and Independents favoring Trump by 50 percent, 9 points over Biden at 41 percent.”

See the following video that shows President Trump’s actions with his words.  This is why Americans love President Trump and why he gained more votes than any President and any Republican by millions of votes eclipsing the 70 million vote mark for the first time in history in 2020 despite the attacks from the Deep State DOJ, the Media, RINOs, etc…

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