Sunday, 11 June 2023

FBI Arrests Texas Real Estate Developer and Ken Paxton Donor at Center of Impeachment – Want to Jail Him for Up to 240 Yrs. For Alleged False Reports to Lenders


The FBI on Thursday arrested an Austin real estate developer at the center of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment.

Nate Paul, 36, was arrested and charged with 8 federal counts related to false statements and false reports to mortgage lenders.

Late last month the RINOs and Democrats in the Texas House voted to impeach highly popular Attorney General Ken Paxton.

RINO Republicans held a secret investigation and did not allow Ken Paxton to present evidence.


Attorney General Ken Paxton is the one man who has stood up against the Democrat-Marxist onslaught in the great state of Texas. Democrats and Secret Sleeper Republicans hate him for this.

In December 2020, Ken Paxton formed a coalition of states to sue battleground states Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, for their unconstitutional changes to the 2020 election laws. The US Supreme Court threw out the case despite its obvious merit later that month. Paxton later told The Gateway Pundit that he still believes the Supreme Court had a constitutional obligation to hear the case which they ignored.

While serving as Attorney General in Texas Ken Paxton defended 12 lawsuits related to election laws.  Democrats hate him for this.  They want to flip Texas with their proven methods used in other swing states – mail-in voting, no ID check, no signature check, bloated voter rolls.

Democrats wanted to open the elections to mail-in ballots and ID-free voting and sued Texas to institute these unconstitutional practices in Texas elections. AG Paxton and his staff won every single one of these cases and prevented Democrats from stealing Texas like they were able to do in Georgia and Arizona. Ken has been fighting for free and fair elections in Texas and understands what a huge issue this is in our country today.

The feds arrested Nate Paul on Thursday and booked him into a jail in Austin.

KXAN reported:

Austin real estate investor Nate Paul – a donor and ally to impeached Attorney General Ken Paxton – has been charged in federal court with eight counts related to making false statements and false reports to mortgage lending companies and credit unions, according to court records released Friday.

Each count carries a maximum penalty of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000,000 if convicted, the Department of Justice said in a press release.

Gerry Morris, one of Paul’s attorneys, told KXAN that Paul denies all allegations and will be pleading not guilty.

Paul was arrested and jailed in Travis County on Thursday on a federal warrant, according to news reports and a spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

The alleged violations happened between March 2017 and April 2018, the Department of Justice release stated.

The charges include two counts of making a false statement and report to a insured state-chartered credit union and six counts of making a false statement and report to a mortgage lending business.

Two of the articles of impeachment against Paxton accuse him of “constitutional bribery.”

Paxton is accused of helping Nate Paul, a political donor, in exchange for help with kitchen renovations and giving Paxton’s mistress a job.

Ken Paxton’s defense team held a press conference on Wednesday where they debunked one of the charges in the articles of the impeachment.

The RINOs alleged Nate Paul paid for Ken Paxton’s kitchen renovation in October 2020 in exchange for favors from Paxton.

Paxton’s defense team on Wednesday showed a room full of reporters the receipts proving Ken Paxton paid for his own kitchen renovation.

This is the type of exculpatory evidence that the Texas RINOs would not allow Ken Paxton to present to them.

WATCH (bank statements proving Ken Paxton paid for his own home renovations begins at the 18:00 mark):

Ken Paxton is currently awaiting trial in the senate.

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