Monday, 10 July 2023

Censorship defenders finally admit they hate First Amendment, want free speech curtailed as policy of “national interest”

 Up until recently, the powers that be expected us all to believe that there is no coordinated effort to silence Americans' free speech, and that anyone who suggests such is spreading wild conspiracy theories. Now that the government's massive Censorship Industrial Complex has been exposed as real, the new narrative is that censorship is a good thing because it promotes the "national interest."

This pivot occurred in response to a recent lawsuit in which a federal judge out of Louisiana ordered the crooks in Washington, D.C., to stop colluding and conspiring with social media companies to erase users' First Amendment rights. The case is known as Missouri v. Biden, which we have covered extensively in recent months.

As expected, the left-wing media is throwing a hissy fit over the injunction, claiming that the judge in the case, an appointee of President Donald Trump, is some kind of bad guy because the grievances of the plaintiffs mostly concern "conservatives." The truth, though, is that the case and the injunction represent a win for free speech, regardless of which side of the political aisle you find yourself on.


Social media isn't fun and games, it's a tool of the deep state to control what you read and say

When it was first introduced, social media was branded and sold to the masses as a way to connect and share photos and life events with friends and family members. The truth, however, is that these platforms are used as spying and surveillance apparatus that are now being used to promote the interests of the deep state.

Things really ramped up during the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) as far as censorship goes, with all the major players flagging everything truthful about the lockdowns, masks, and "vaccines" as "misinformation." Now, those infringed by these policies are fighting back, and the perpetrators are running scared trying to excuse away their crimes.

We are told that keeping a lid on "misinformation" is in the best interest of all Americans because it helps to stop the spread of information that threatens the national interest – the First Amendment be damned. But is anyone actually buying this excuse?

"Social media was invented to give voice to everyone in order that they might have an impact on public opinion," reports the America First Report. "It was a means by which opinion monopolies would be broken down. Regular people have been for the first time in a position to publicly object to and correct mainstream media narratives."

"This is what Big Media despises. This is what they wanted shut down. You see, for decades now the mainstream press has been amplifying government priorities in every area of life. The Deep State and Big Media have long learned how to use each other to their mutual benefit. The foreign policy desk at the New York Times takes its marching orders from the State Department. The transportation desk reports whatever the Department of Transportation wants reported."

These deep state insiders of course also include many of the three-letter agencies such as the FDA, the CIA, HUD, HHS, the NIH, the DOJ, the FTC, the CDC, and the State Department -- pretty much all of them. And they have all been conspiring together with Big Tech to silence the voices of free Americans, which is now being challenged and hopefully dismantled.

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