Tuesday, 18 July 2023

Ex-Biden ‘Non-Binary’ Nuclear Official Stole Luggage During Taxpayer-Funded Trip: Report

 Former “non-binary” Biden Energy Department official Sam Brinton rolled off with a woman’s suitcase from Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas last year while on a taxpayer-funded trip, according to a federal watchdog group.

Brinton, who President Joe Biden tapped to serve as the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy, was fired six months later amid allegations of stealing luggage and women’s clothing from at least three different airports.

But during one of Brinton’s luggage heists, the federal watchdog Functional Government Initiative (FGI) report provided to The New York Post found that he was in Vegas on business representing the Energy Department when airport surveillance captured images of him swiping a woman’s suitcase.

“Not only did Sam Brinton commit a crime, the illegal shopping spree was funded by taxpayers,” Pete McGinnis, FGI’s director of communications, told The Post. “The pattern of petty theft shows that Brinton never should’ve been hired and given a security clearance in the first place.”

According to the report, Brinton’s business trip occurred from July 6 through July 9, 2022. It included a “meeting and site visit to DOE Las Vegas Site.” The four-day trip cost taxpayers $1,951.50, records show.

The documentation also revealed that Brinton stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Authorities initially charged Brinton with a felony based on the belief he stole $3,670 worth of items. However, the former Biden official agreed to pay the victim more than $3,500 in restitution and received a suspended 180-day jail sentence under the assumption Brinton would obey the law.

Brinton pleaded “no contest” to the misdemeanor theft.

Brinton, who has dressed in drag and boasted online about his puppy role-play fetish, first came under fire in December 2022 for allegedly stealing a woman’s luggage in Minneapolis.

Authorities charged Brinton with stealing luggage at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, where he allegedly removed a tag from a navy blue Vera Bradley suitcase bag, dropped it into his handbag, and “then left the area at a quick pace” on September 16, 2022, according to a criminal complaint.


And earlier this year, authorities arrested Brinton at a house in Rockville, Maryland, as a “fugitive from justice” for allegedly stealing luggage belonging to Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin.

Khamsin previously appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in March, saying that her luggage had been stolen from Reagan National Airport in 2018 on the way to a fashion show, causing catastrophe because she could not show her designs.

Brinton was later pictured wearing one of her one-of-a-kind designs that had been in the suitcase, she said.

Authorities later revealed that despite Brinton’s “non-binary” identifier, he would be placed in a men’s jail in Maryland before being released on bond in June.

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