Friday, 21 July 2023

Ilhan Omar exposed as liar by new Twitter feature

 While so-called fact-checks have been weaponized by the left on nearly every social platform — Twitter remains one of the only places where the right and left are treated equally.

Ilhan Omar tweeted to her many followers: “The earth just broke the record for the hottest day in 120,000 years. In fact, we broke in on three separate days. National climate emergency now.”

The claim was quickly fact-checked by community notes, which observed that “the source for this claim appears to be the University of Maine Climate Reanalyzer which has added a recent notice making it clear that it should not be taken as official observation records.”

Dave Rubin can’t help but laugh.

“The real records on this stuff really only go back to like the late 1800s, if we’re to believe any of this stuff. The idea that Ilhan Omar has any sense of what was going on temperature wise on Earth 120,000 years ago is completely, absolutely, completely insane,” Rubin says. 

But, he’s not surprised she’s lying.

“You guys get it, like they lie about absolutely everything, and it’s all just done as a farce to keep your eye off the ball.”

While the lie is silly, what Rubin believes we should actually be worried about is the last part of her tweet.

“Why does she say it? To get us to a national climate emergency now. And you know what’ll happen guys; we will have national climate emergency lockdowns, and eventually they’ll tell you you can only be outside for a certain amount of time,” he warns.

He likens it to the left’s obsession with stopping farms and cow farts.

“You’ll only be able to eat these things because they’re gonna’ have to close an awful lot of farms because those cows, you guys like eating meat, you like that rib eye. But those cows are farting and those cow farts are doing something to the environment — but do not worry, they will be eating well.”

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